ACT (Adults and Children in Trust) VOYAGERS

“After several successful confidence building weeks, my child was pleasantly shocked when, during the season closing ceremony, he was given the most improved camper award in sports by the head of the sports department. He said, “I’ll never forget this.”

He really earned it.”

-ACT parent


  • Ages 7.9-10.8 as of September 1st
  • July Camp (6.25-7.27)
  • August Specialty Camp (7.30-8.10)
  • August Adventure Camp (8.13-8.17)

July Camp

  • Veteran campers in the Voyager division have greater choice and independence in their daily schedule.  ACTivities combine a balance of pre-selected and club choices.
  • Groups of up to eighteen campers and two counselors follow a weekly schedule.
  • Campers from other groups get to meet new friends during club times. They can work on a variety of craft projects, join a chess team, learn to juggle, be part of a theater ensemble, join a sports team, play 9 Square, play Ga-Ga ball, or harvest our garden. Special event days have included rollerskating, laser tag, water rides and a game truck.
  • Trips: The division boards buses for out-of-town destinations such as lakes, water and amusements parks typically on Thursdays. Detailed trip schedules are prepared early. Parents are notified in writing of all trips in May requiring they sign a trip permission form. *No camper will be able to attend trips without the trip permission forms signed and submitted by the day before the trip. Detailed trip schedules are prepared and parents are notified in writing of all trips. Permission form required.
  • Certified lifeguards escort and supervise all waterfront areas. A.C.T exceeds the NYCDOH ratio of RTE, First Aid, CPR and Epipen certified staff on trips and on campus. The oldest Voyagers can join the Pioneers on a two-night theme based camping trip (must be 9.9 or older).


August Camp: Offerings Listed Here.

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