ACT (Adults and Children in Trust) PIONEERS
Manhattan Summer Camps by ACT


  • Ages 10.9-14 as of September 1st
  • July Camp (6.25-7.27)
  • August Specialty Camp (7.30-8.10)
  • August Adventure Camp (8.13-8.17)

Pioneers are co-ed, mixed-grade camper groups who share in the decision making process, and embrace new experiences. Pioneers are participate in camp-wide events or develop their own ACTivities. They are free to use the many resources of the camp or the amazing opportunities offered by New York City. Teamwork, leadership and ownership are core of the Pioneer team.

July Camp in Manhattan, New York


  • ALL first-time Pioneers must understand the unique freedom of choice they are given and the responsibility that comes with that freedom. Individual self-interest must at times give way to the group’s priority and expectations.
  • Three age groups of Pioneers work with counselors to create a schedule of activities and events for the five-week session. Campers practice the art of compromise and take turns in leading initiatives. Many Pioneers move onto becoming part of the camp staff first as CITs once they age out.
  • Counselors guide discussions, the group’s decision-making process, and mediate as needed. Campers have great latitude to develop activities that appeal to them. They plan their own schedule of trips and activities in addition to swimming, art and sport periods included on the camp schedule. The camp director works with staff to ensure that weekly plans are appropriate and camp resources are made available.
  • Pioneers board chartered buses for out-of-town destinations such as lakes, water and amusements parks typically on Thursdays. Permission form required. Certified lifeguards escort and supervise all waterfront areas. ACT exceeds the NYCDOH ratio of RTE, First Aid, CPR and Epipen certified staff on trips and on campus. The Pioneers engage in a two-night theme based camping trip. In addition, Pioneers often schedule their own trips within the five boroughs using public transportation to visit places like Palisades Park, Chinatown, bowling lanes, laser tag arenas, Central Park and other entertainment venues.


August Camp: Offerings Listed Here.

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