ACT (Adults and Children in Trust)

August sessions focus on Art, Sports and Performing Arts

  • Expert level staff teach campers the fundamentals of their crafts.
  • All young campers garden/harvest at our on-site garden and use the lower playground that includes a water splash area.
  • 1st and 2nd graders  travel around the grounds in groups to experience their chosen specialty: art or sports.
  • 3rd-9th graders may select three classes a week in the Art, Sports or Performing Arts.
  • They spend their lunch and noontime sharing experiences with other campers and staff.

Sports Camp (ages 5.9-7.8)

  • Campers travel with two counselors and a CIT throughout the day.
  • Fitness and exercise is the hallmark of sports camp. Morning stretches, exercise, jogs, drills, sports and games, campers are trained to develop skills and healthy habits.
  • As a break from physical challenges, they slow down to create sports attire and learn to make special fruit drinks and edibles from the garden.
  • Self-respect and appreciation for teamwork are keys to the sports experience.

Arts Camp (ages 5.9-7.8)

  • Campers travel with two counselors and a CIT throughout the day.
  • Campers join friends for a weekly schedule of creative art adventures: visits to the nature science center, crafts and art room, gym for active games and water area to cool off.
  • With a special focus on the arts, campers have the opportunity to work with our art and drama instructor to learn aspects of the performing arts and creativity. Along the way, they’ll have lunch and recess on our beautiful campus on our private playground and recreational facility.

August Specialty Camp (ages 7.9-14)

  • Campers select three course each weekly session from six categories: Crafts, DIY Art, Games, Showbiz, and Studio Art. A list of all choices follows:
  • Select your courses on the PDF:

August Adventure Session (ages 4.9-14)

  • Using imaginative daily themes, campers participate in adventures on and off campus.
  • The youngest campers focus on activities on and around the Cathedral grounds: playing in our fields, playgrounds and gardens, participating in games, special adventures and art activities.
  • Older campers travel outside Cathedral grounds on public transportation and school buses to take advantage of many of the wonders of New York.
  • While at ACT, campers choose and participate in Adventure Clubs.

Young Preps (at least 3.5 years old)

Homesteaders (at least 4.5 years old)

Settlers (Ages 5.9 to 6.8)

Homesteaders and Settlers embark on daily thematic adventures. Using their outdoor home base, they harvest our garden, play in our fields and playgrounds, experiment in our kitchen, visit nearby parks and participate in water games. Baking or, should we say food art, is sure to be an added ingredient. They will always return to their settlement at the day’s end for a story and special treat.

Scouts (Ages 6.9 to 7.8)

Rovers (Ages 7.9 to 8.8)

Each day of the week, Scouts and Rovers solve puzzles and go on thematic adventure hunts. Using facilities on the grounds for sports, games and arts, they also expand their adventure to two sites such as a museum, zoo or park trail. Hanging out on our campus to play lawn games or accept group challenges is part of the fun and flexible mix of fhappenings.

Mountaineers and Rangers (Ages 8.9 to 14)

Our oldest campers help develop their own schedule that includes at least 3 planned trips to locations in any of the five boroughs. Potential trips include Yankee stadium, a Manhattan movie theater, the Brooklyn Aquarium, the Staten Island Reptile Museum and a camp-wide-trip to a lake. While on the grounds, they participate in Minute to Win It, Fear Factor challenges and club choices that allow for traditional activities in the art rooms, gyms and game room.

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